With simple set up and configuration, OrderWork can help you add a suite of new services to your portfolio of products, creating a simple solution to installations, commissioning or repairs for your customers.

What we do

OrderWork offers a wide range of fixed-price services across the UK, covering the full product or service lifecycle from installation, test, repair and upgrade or remove, at a time that works for our customers.

The myOrderWork platform underpins the core of our business and makes it simple for partners to join our growing ecosystem. We reduce the cost and complexity of bringing new services to market for partners to drive business growth and enhance the customer experience.

The myOrderWork platform provides our partners with access to:

  • A comprehensive library of outcome-based installation services with fixed pricing, backed by the OrderWork Guarantee.
  • A customised instance of the platform with dedicated services and built-in workflow and communication processes.
  • Our on-demand delivery network of skilled “OWL’s” for rapid, time-based engagements covering a single event to multiple days, underpinned by OrderWork SLAs.



AV/TV installation

We offer everything from the simplest of installations, including smart TVs, to complete cable concealment.


Our electricians are expert at a wide range of electrical installations, from smart doorbells and thermostats to security hardware.

Gas appliances

Our gas-safe engineers will install smart thermostats and gas cookers, taking all the proper precautions and leaving customers feeling safe and reassured.

Repair services

Our network of handy tradespeople is available for emergency repairs as well as planned refurbishments and maintenance work.

IT / Telecoms

OrderWork IT engineers routinely install and configure new networks, VPNs, routers, Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity.

Smart home

We are smart device specialists and offer installation of all IoT devices, including home automation and security-related products.

Home worker

To get the best out of your home office, we can help with home computing, network connectivity and proper cybersecurity defence software installation.

EV charging

We provide the installation of new electric charging infrastructure in both domestic and commercial environments.


We install a wide variety of security solutions, such as IP-CCTV, smart cameras and doorbells for domestic and commercial environments.

Aerial/Freesat installation

For customers wishing to upgrade or repair their existing aerial or satellite equipment, our insured engineers are available up and down the UK.


General property repairs and installations such as assembling furniture are available too: no job is too small or too difficult.

Major appliances

Whether it’s a dishwasher, washing machine or Aga, we install new domestic appliances and remove the old ones.


OrderWork Network

Our plug-in OWL network (OrderWork League) is a large pool of highly skilled technicians, tradespeople, and engineers who are tried, trusted, and rated. We understand that customers can be cautious about the unknown, so as part of our ‘Right First Time’ ethos, each OWL is comprehensively vetted, tested and proven.

We pursue long-term strategic partnerships with our clients. We oversee our people, their work and the customer experience via the MyOrderWork platform, every step of the way.

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