The heartbeat of OrderWork is our unique work flow management platform. We connect each requirement to deliver a perfect customer experience from booking and payment to pre installation surveying, through to the deployment of our resources. Discover our 6,500 strong delivery network.



Our cloud-based platform provides a complete, wrapped solution, enabling our partners to book service events at the point of sale

myOrderWork is an intuitive tool that matches the skillset and location of each service request to a skilled professional, and tracks delivery of the event. We provide a customised instance of the platform for each partner with built-in workflow processes. The platform provides an end-to-end journey for customers.

myOrderWork dynamically creates a single work order with a ‘solution installed’ price. This allows our partners to seamlessly scope and quote, and schedule delivery of the work – enabling them to achieve the installation on a ‘Right First Time’ basis with their customers.



Manage hundreds of simultaneous work orders with a pre-vetted pool of skilled associate resources.

Scale rapidly to meet changing levels of demand or new services and product lines.

Augment your existing service team to compete for larger, more profitable projects.

Rapid, real-time access to our plug-in workforce of 6,500 skilled OWL technicians located up and down the UK, allowing you to service remote or dispersed locations without incurring major travel costs.

Create volume-repeatable lifecycle services that are governed by strict quality procedures and SLAs.

A transparent digital journey ensuring that customers, partners and engineers are updated in real-time.

OrderWork delivers an improved consistent customer experience, digitising and automating the resourcing, scheduling, acknowledgement and sign off processes.

Improves operational efficiencies and drive out complexity.

Optimise supply chain processes with end-to-end transparency.

The platform is an evolution of the traditionally disjointed, time-consuming, and painful processes that many organisations endure, by attaching value-added-services in an agile, yet controlled manner.


There are three main engagement models available on the myOrderWork platform.


A customised instance of MyOrderWork for self-service and management in a traditional “Software as a Service” model.


Our “Software with a Services” model providing a dedicated instance of our platform underpinned by core services delivered exclusively by OrderWork.


Aggregator model combining a dedicated instance of the platform with multiple resolver groups including the partner’s own internal delivery teams, existing trusted third-party suppliers and core OrderWork delivered services for an end-to-end managed service.



  • The workflow process is smooth, consistent, and user-friendly.
  • An overview provides details of everything that is being worked on and completed – order summary, questions asked at order entry, engineer details, location etc.
  • If there are any issues i.e., customer is not at home, the appointment is rescheduled and submitted back into the work queue.
  • The work order is built according to the customers’ requirements. There are lots of options to ensure as much information is given upfront e.g. the need for installation guides, as well as to match the job to the right technician i.e. gas job needs an accredited Gas Safe engineer.

The OW app

  • Every technician has the myOrderWork app on their smartphone, giving them live access to jobs (new, in-service and complete), plus additional information provided by the customer e.g. picture of the boiler.

Customised and intuitive booking process

  • The partner can enter the postcode of the customer’s location and the system will show the services available in that postcode area. OrderWork covers the whole of the UK and NI, including the Highlands, but excluding the Islands. For Island customers, a ‘price on application’ is available.

Customer security / excellence

  • Work orders cannot be matched to a technician that doesn’t have the appropriate skills or qualifications, whose insurance documents are not in- date or who doesn’t have an approval rating over 95%.
  • Customers are provided with the technician’s name and van registration to provide peace of mind and reassurance.

API integration

  • Built-in APIs enable our partners’ systems to integrate with the myOrderWork platform so that information collected at the front-end by our partners is aligned with OrderWork’s business processes. The result is smooth, seamless connectivity.

Dashboard and reporting – power BI

  • To ensure we maintain customer service excellence, all SLAs, number of RFT installations, NP scores, customer satisfaction survey results etc., are available to view by our partners.
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