Our partners have access to the OrderWork plug-in workforce. With 6500 skilled and accredited engineers we can deploy nationwide at the push of a button.



Our plug-in workforce is verified, proven, and trusted to make our customers’ lives easier

As a service-focused business, OrderWork’s success has been forged on the ability to provide the right people with the experience to meet the needs of our customers, with the right “expected” outcome.

Our delivery network, also known as the OrderWork League or OWLs, provides our customers and partners with access to a large ‘tried, trusted, known, proven and rated’ base of highly skilled technical engineers, electricians, plumbers, gas-safe engineers.

Our complementary value-added services can be included/incorporated on at the point of sale, offering partners the ability to increase customer loyalty and value.


Automated simplicity

Our automated service management platform ‘MyOrderWork’ matches available technical resources that meet all the elements of the work request, then manages and tracks all work orders until completion. Our service allows customers to know that the end-to-end delivery and installation operations are handled by a professional third-party.

The majority of our workforce are onboarded by our in-house team prior to beginning work. The workforce also undertakes curated training on our OrderWork learning management system. This eliminates manual mistakes and always ensures that the correct technicians are allocated. All OWLs are rated following each job and are required to maintain a score higher than 95% to remain eligible for work.

Reducing our carbon footprint

A sustainable approach

At OrderWork, we are very aware of our responsibility towards fighting climate change and helping to achieve net zero targets. Our myOrderWork app, present on each engineer’s mobile device, helps to reduce their carbon footprint. The app will alert an electrician of a new, nearby job, so that their miles travelled are minimised.

Creating a professional network, by design

We make sure our workforce is 100% reference checked. Each member of our plug-in workforce is required to:

  • Provide evidence of eligibility to work in the UK

  • Agree non-disclosure and framework terms

  • Provide details of vendor training undertaken and certifications held

  • Agree Code of Conduct for working practices

  • Undertake skill and ability testing using technical experts and integrated testing systems

  • Complete application for Enhanced DBS clearance

  • Provide full documentation for compliance

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