Orderwork provide APIs to make your products and services come to life for your customers


Founded in 2003, OrderWork’s core focus was to support its retail partners with access to a nationwide installation and support service allowing them to build the next level of customer experience.

The impact of this solution was an extremely powerful and compelling journey that sped up the decision-making process, created a brand aligned experience, reduced returns and drove brand loyalty.

OrderWork’s next phase of evolution was to digitise the order process creating a consistent “perfect journey”.

By enhancing the digital process OrderWork has been able to provide seamless booking and execute large volumes of work, with the ability to personalise the experience. This has allowed the organisation to enter new and exciting markets working with clients from manufacturers, retailers, distributors, as well as sectors such as energy and insurance.

The systemisation of the OrderWork methods enables simple selection of services to more accurately price, scope and book. This has delivered market-leading Right First Time outcomes for customers.

New features have been added, such as the ability to rapidly set up new services, and data share through APIs and our myOrderWork APP monitoring service performance via simple and intuitive dashboards as well as with applications such as PowerBI. More to come!




The myOrderWork platform is now available as a service delivery system for our clients to use to deploy their own resources or supported in tandem or exclusively with our resources.

We can support clients on long term solutions or rapid turn-around multiskilled teams on a nationwide basis for project or “business as usual” services.


Having completed over 2 million service events nationwide, OrderWork underpins its partners with its consistent, high quality, scalable, automated digital approach to high levels of success transparently.

OrderWork now spans multiple partner sections including Manufacturers, Retailers, Distribution, Smart Home OEM’s, IT / IoT / Telecoms Providers, Utilities sector, Insurance & Finance companies, FM / Building Management Businesses as well as Smart Healthcare Providers.


OrderWork’s BPO proposition combines its People, Processes and Systems underpinned by “myOrderWork” – our digital lifecycle services management platform and its accredited OWL “plug-in” pro-delivery network at the core.

OrderWork continues to invest in the evolution of its software platform and engineering app with new functionality including full workflow management, real-time communication, SLA monitoring, a dynamic bidding tool and dashboard reporting with Power BI integration. By creating a range of booking options from direct online, API integration and voucher it provides more routes to market than ever before.

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